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;s sovereignty over the relevant islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao and violated the Charter

of the United N▓ations and basic norms of international law.ii. The Philippines has increasingly intensified its infringement of China’s maritime rights and interests10▓2. Since the 1970s, the Philippines, asserting its unilateral claims, has intruded▓ into, among others, the maritime areas

of Liyue Tan a▓nd Zhongxiao Tan of China’s Nansha Qundao to carry out illegal oi▓l and gas exploratory drilling, including listing the relevant bl▓ocks for bidding.103. Since 2000, the Phil

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ippines ha▓s expanded the areas for bidding, intruding into larger sea areas of China’s Nansha▓ Qundao. A large span of sea areas of China’s Nansha Qundao was designated as bidding blocks by the Philippines in 2003. During the fifth “Philippine Energy Contracting Round” lau

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nched in May 2014, four of the bidding blocks on offer reached into relevant sea areas of

ring the vessel, ?/h4>

China’s Nansha Qundao.104. The Philippines has repeatedly intruded into relevant w▓ater

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s of China’s Nansha Qundao, harassing and attacking Chinese fishermen and fishing ▓boat

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8. On 14 March 2014, the Philipp

ly available▓ statistics show that from 1989 to

ine Department of Foreign Affairs issued a statement openly declaring that the vessel it ran aground at Ren’ai Jiao was placed

there as a permanent Philippine government installation. This was an apparent attempt to provide an excuse for its continued refusa

l to fulfill its undertaking to tow away▓ that vessel in order to illegally seize Ren’ai Jiao. China immediately responded that i

t was shocked by this statement and reiterated that it would never allow the Philippines to seize Ren’ai Jiao by any means.99.

In July 2015, the Phil▓ippines stated publicly that the so-called maintenance repair was being done to fortify the vessel.100. To su

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involving shooting, 34 assault and robbery, 40

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capture and detention, and 1▓5 chasing. T

hese incidents brought adverse consequences to close to 200 Ch▓inese fishing vessels and over 1,000 Chinese fishermen. In addition, the ▓Philippines treated Chinese fishermen in a violent, cru

legally occupied some islands an

el and inhumane manner.105. Philippine a

rmed personnel often use excessive force against Chinese fishermen in utter disregard of the safety of their lives. For example, on 27 April 2006, one a▓rmed Philippine fishing vessel intrude

d reefs of China’s N▓

d into Nanfang Qiantan of China’s

Nansha Qundao and attacked Chinese fishing boat Qiongqionghai 03012. One Philippine armed motor boat carrying four gunmen approached that Chinese fishing boat. Immediately these gunmen fired several rounds of bullets at the driving panel, killing Chen Yichao and three other Chinese fishermen ▓on the spot, severely wounding two others and causing minor inj▓uries to another. Subsequently a total of 13 gunmen forced their w

ay onboard the Chinese fishing boat and seized satellite navigation and communication equipment, fishing equipment and harvests and other items.106. The Philippines ha▓s repeatedly infringe

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d China’s maritime rights and interests in

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